Strong & streamline

Elemental - Composite lightweight

The Monier Elemental™ Series is a contemporary, innovative and streamlined range of lightweight low pitch roofing products designed to withstand ALL the elements.


design flexibility

The Elemental™ Series features the Large Ultra Panel (1500 x 750), the unique Square Panel (750x750) and a modern take on the classic slate and shingle using composite lightweight.    

Strong, lightweight & low pitch

The Elemental Lightweight Composite range is 5 x lighter than tiles, is structurally strong and has a better strength to weight ration than metal. It can reach 10° pitch, is streamlined with a 12mm leading edge and has a unique exfoliated stone finish.  

Re-inventing roofing

Elemental is manufactured from an advanced fibre reinforced engineered composite material originally developed for the aerospace and automotive industries. It has been tested by the CSIRO to Australian Building Standards (AS 4046).

Elemental is re-imaging roofing with an ultra-modern contemporary appearance that will truly protect you from all of the harsh elements.

made for all the elements

Elemental has been specifically designed to withstand ALL the elements in the Australian Conditions including the harsh sun, salty coastal environments, heavy hail and wild storms. 
Lightweight Composite will not rust, is dent resistant, has built in long lasting UV colour coating to retain its integrity and durability and will not peel back in strong winds.