First Impression Count

It’s tough out there in the Australian climate – almost as tough as the real estate market. And, if you are considering adding value to your home, there’s no question that by making the right roofing choice you could be well on your way to beating the market at its own game.

Want to add value to your home?
It's time to look skywards

Stewart Bunn of First National Real Estate says it’s all about creating the right image for your house. “So much is about those first impressions,” Bunn says. “It very much dictates who will even bother to come and inspect the house, because obviously with the internet being the place where 9 out of 10 people start their search for a property these days, those images are critical.”

A great roof adds 63% return on investment 

Bunn says that having a well-maintained roof adds to the perception that the home is in good condition – and prospective buyers are often turned off by an old or damaged roof because it could mean large, unknown expenses. “Roofs are very much an unknown quantity in terms of cost, whereas a lot of people will have experience with kitchen and bathroom renovations,” he adds. 

Bunn quotes recent UK statistics that show that of the top 10 things that you can spend money on with a house, the roof is the fifth most important thing. “It provides a 63% return on investment if you invest in a roof,” says Bunn. “Kitchens and bathrooms don’t even come close. They are in positions 9 and 10. A kitchen will give you a 49% return on investment and a bathroom will give you a 48%.

Create a talking point - Choose Monier

“If the roof is leaking or the roof needs replacement it will turn a lot of people off because it’s just not what they want to be spending money on. By the same token, if your house needs its roof replaced before you sell it, it would be a very worthwhile investment.” This information comes as a relief to Sydney homeowners Lucy and Will Morgan, who recently made the ‘courageous’ decision to re-roof her 1920s brick cottage located on Sydney’s North Shore. 

Lucy chose to replace the traditional original terracotta tiles with modern terracotta tiles from Monier’s sleek Nullarbor range in Titan. The result is a modern and contemporary look that still works well with the house’s heritage features – and Lucy couldn’t be happier. “It is a talking point,” she says. “But I totally think it works.We get lots of compliments.” Morgan and her husband Will spent almost a year driving around Sydney suburbs on weekends looking for the perfect roof – one that had a smooth modern look that would bring the house up to date while not compromising on its character.

The smooth lines of the Nullarbor range met every one of her criteria. Additionally, the fact that the Nullarbor range won’t fade over the years was a huge plus – after all, she said, after finally finding the perfect colour and style for the roof, she didn’t want it to change. Extensions are planned for the Morgan house, so Lucy and Will are happy that the tiles on the new back of the house will match their new roof, something that couldn’t be done with the original tiles."